Toby Burrows

Toby Burrows is famous Australian photographer. Burrows is better known as an advertisement photographer. While working on the projects Burrows tries to reveal all the features of the brand he is promoting by his images. At the same time Burrows work a lot on his personal projects.

He graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 1991 and soon after moved to London. For several years Burrows worked and lived in Great Britain. It allowed him to work with such photographers as David Bailey and Richard Avedon. “I was lucky enough to work around some great photographers. This experience gave me a good grounding of technical knowledge”. In several years Burrows decided to come back home and continue his work in Australia.

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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is famous editor-in-chief of American Vogue. Wintour has a reputation of an aloof and reserved person. She is critical and direct, demanding and strict ruler. She became an editor of the US Vogue in 1988. Wintour has been fascinated by fashion industry since adolescence. Her father was an editor of the British newspaper Evening Standard. He taught her basic skills of running a newspaper. And of course her father influenced her. “I think my father really decided for me that I should work in fashion”, assumes Wintour.

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The Weirdest Sculptures in the World

Sculpture is an impressive kind of art which can tell a lot about the history and traditions of the country. However, personally I find most of the sculptures representing national leaders or famous artists a little bit boring. While visiting different countries I have no desire to make one more photo me standing in front of some solid bronze man. However, there are sculptures and monuments which will impress even the most tempted connoisseurs. I made a top of the weirdest sculptures and included them in my must-visit list.

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Vile Bodies.

Vile Bodies is supposed to be one of the most popular novels written by Evelyn Waugh. It became extremely popular after Stephen Fry’s adoption of the book in 2003.

The novel was written in the late 1920s, a period known as an era between two wars. Europe was destroyed after the World War I. In some 10 years European countries would face atrocities of the World War II. Many countries would be destroyed, many cities would be wiped off the map. Old Dresden, Warsaw, London would disappear once and forever. Millions would be killed…

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