Did Our Ancestors Wear Gloves?

Such necessary accessory as gloves appeared long ago. But gloves have never were considered old-fashioned during the whole history of their existence. One of the most ancient gloves was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen during the archeological examination carried out in 1922.

In the text of “The Odyssey” by Homer the readers may find the prove that the ancient slaves were wearing hard mittens during their work to protect the skin of their hands. According to the ancient Greek historical Xenophon who visited Mesopotamia the Persians wore the fur gloves to protect their hands from cold. Xenophon called them tenderfoots though the warriors of his native land used to wrap leather stripes round their hands to prevent injuries.

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Best Female Characters in Books

As for me, I read books in search for inspiration. Though the characters presented in literature do not exist, they still can serve as the examples for us. However, not all characters are vivid and strong enough to become the source of my inspiration. Still, there are some which I consider to be really well developed.

One of my favorite female characters is Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”. Scarlett is a progressive woman who is not afraid to express her emotions which is a novelty for that time. When she falls in love with Ashley Wilkes she just opens her heart to him without intrigues or hypocrisy. This woman is very strong and courageous which is also worth admiration. Scarlett taught me one of the main principles of life which I use quite often – if you feel sad about something, think about it tomorrow. It may sound like escape from problems, but, in fact, it really works. What I like most about Scarlett O’Hara is that she is not passive like lots of other heroines of the books. If she wants something she just goes for it and I highly appreciate this feature.

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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is famous editor-in-chief of American Vogue. Wintour has a reputation of an aloof and reserved person. She is critical and direct, demanding and strict ruler. She became an editor of the US Vogue in 1988. Wintour has been fascinated by fashion industry since adolescence. Her father was an editor of the British newspaper Evening Standard. He taught her basic skills of running a newspaper. And of course her father influenced her. “I think my father really decided for me that I should work in fashion”, assumes Wintour.

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How To Shoot Photo Like A Hipster

Unless you live under a rock you probably noticed that each and every geeky-looking hipster owns a camera and shoots everything he can reach. Walls, roads, random people in the streets… What an amazing object for a photo shoot! All in all, if you want to be as cool as these hipster fellows, learn a couple of ninja tricks from the list below.

1.First of all, buy the most expensive camera you can possibly find. Borrow money from your parents, save on breakfasts, sell a kidney – whatever… Your goal is to own the hottest camera with huge lens. Yep, good morning Mr. Hipster-To-Be – being cool comes with some expenses involved. Anyways, if you are as poor as Kenny, you still have an option: grab a cool old school camera. You can buy it on flea market or fish it out of your grandpa’s closet. Make sure you only use black-and-white film! Black and white is cool.

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Time to Frighten

Halloween is one of the most mysterious yet fascinating celebrations of the year. Children enjoy being monsters, vampires and dead corpses, and adults remember their childhood and pay fool as well. If you want to frighten your annoying neighbors or just have fun celebrating this holiday, you should thoroughly prepare to create really unforgettable image. Here are some tips on how to impose professional makeup in the home conditions.

First of all, take spirit (rubbing alcohol will be better) and remove grease from your face with it. Otherwise, your makeup will be a miserable mess before everyone gets scared.

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Frank Baum: A Living Tin Wooman

When the 43-year-old Lyman Frank Baum brought his manuscript of his fairy tale to one of the American publishing agencies the editor refused to publish it, having said that “if there was any need in American fairy tales there would be some publications already”. The U. S. Literature has less fairy tales than any other national one in fact. The Wizard of Oz still remains the best American fairy tale liked by both the infant and adult readers. Lyman Frank Baum was born on the 15th of May in 19856 in New York. His father had invested his money to the oil business and the financial state of his family wasn’t that bad. But the health of the children was rater poor. The first three children had died before they turned 10, and the fourth one-Frank- survived but was suffering from the heart disease during all his life. As it often happens the weak and fragile boy was fond of reading. His favorite authors were Charles Dickens and William Thackeray. While being a teenager Frank Baum published the improvised magazine, as his father managed to buy a typewriter and other devices needed for publishing.

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The Weirdest Sculptures in the World

Sculpture is an impressive kind of art which can tell a lot about the history and traditions of the country. However, personally I find most of the sculptures representing national leaders or famous artists a little bit boring. While visiting different countries I have no desire to make one more photo me standing in front of some solid bronze man. However, there are sculptures and monuments which will impress even the most tempted connoisseurs. I made a top of the weirdest sculptures and included them in my must-visit list.

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