Best Female Characters in Books

As for me, I read books in search for inspiration. Though the characters presented in literature do not exist, they still can serve as the examples for us. However, not all characters are vivid and strong enough to become the source of my inspiration. Still, there are some which I consider to be really well developed.

One of my favorite female characters is Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”. Scarlett is a progressive woman who is not afraid to express her emotions which is a novelty for that time. When she falls in love with Ashley Wilkes she just opens her heart to him without intrigues or hypocrisy. This woman is very strong and courageous which is also worth admiration. Scarlett taught me one of the main principles of life which I use quite often – if you feel sad about something, think about it tomorrow. It may sound like escape from problems, but, in fact, it really works. What I like most about Scarlett O’Hara is that she is not passive like lots of other heroines of the books. If she wants something she just goes for it and I highly appreciate this feature.

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Vile Bodies.

Vile Bodies is supposed to be one of the most popular novels written by Evelyn Waugh. It became extremely popular after Stephen Fry’s adoption of the book in 2003.

The novel was written in the late 1920s, a period known as an era between two wars. Europe was destroyed after the World War I. In some 10 years European countries would face atrocities of the World War II. Many countries would be destroyed, many cities would be wiped off the map. Old Dresden, Warsaw, London would disappear once and forever. Millions would be killed…

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