Rock Bands Of 90s-2000s: The Most Significant Transformations

Time goes by and people grow up and change. It’s not a secret that it’s impossible to remain unchanged and do the same things during the whole lifetime. That’s what I was thinking about when felt nostalgic the other day and fished my old nu metal recordings out of the closet. If you are a kid of 80s, you should doubtlessly remember them: Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Deftones and many other bands that were the only fellows to understand your fragile teenage soul. Taking a look at what these bands are today, you can easily find lots of differences.

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The Weirdest Sculptures in the World

Sculpture is an impressive kind of art which can tell a lot about the history and traditions of the country. However, personally I find most of the sculptures representing national leaders or famous artists a little bit boring. While visiting different countries I have no desire to make one more photo me standing in front of some solid bronze man. However, there are sculptures and monuments which will impress even the most tempted connoisseurs. I made a top of the weirdest sculptures and included them in my must-visit list.

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