Franck Juery photography

Franck Juery is a French photographer who takes amazingly beautiful pictures. He currently lives and works in Paris. The images he creates are strange and sometimes pretty mysterious. But the most exact word describing his approach is nostalgia. Indeed it may seem to you that you find yourself in the past. Some of his works seem to be pretty obscure and even ambiguous. Nevertheless all of them are charming. Unfortunately there is no much information on him and his projects. It is well known that Franck Juery works as an independent photographer for different editions. Juery is interested in urban planning, the French littoral and oneiric issues.

The pictures he takes are cinematographic. One could see a story behind those images. Just give free play to your imagination. And the images by Juery would become stories full of intimate details. Strangely enough but quite often Juery avoids to depict faces. Usually we see people from the back. Are they hiding something? Who are they? Why don’t they want to show their faces?

In the series Barfleur we see kids wandering around and having fun on the coast. But we can hardly distinguish their features. Juery deliberately takes out of focus pictures. The images mostly are blurry. At the same time he manages to create an atmosphere of surreal and fairy tale world. The set is pretty unreal even though everything is actual.

The theme of nostalgia is perfectly revealed in Juery’s Polaroid series. Especially in series titled W*. And once again we do not see faces of depicted people. We have no idea who are they. We do not know what the places Juery depicts. At the same time those places seem to be well known and recognizable as if the pictures by Juery are pictures of the past. It is really strange feeling…

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