Time to Frighten

Halloween is one of the most mysterious yet fascinating celebrations of the year. Children enjoy being monsters, vampires and dead corpses, and adults remember their childhood and pay fool as well. If you want to frighten your annoying neighbors or just have fun celebrating this holiday, you should thoroughly prepare to create really unforgettable image. Here are some tips on how to impose professional makeup in the home conditions.

First of all, take spirit (rubbing alcohol will be better) and remove grease from your face with it. Otherwise, your makeup will be a miserable mess before everyone gets scared.

You will need wax to imitate scars and wounds. For every scar make a small wax cylinder four cm. long. Apply them to your face as if you have bumps of different size. Best places for them are cheek bones, forehead and chin.

Then, start “slashing” your face with a plastic knife. Make wounds in places where you have attached wax.

You should also shade in the edges of your wounds. Take some Vaseline and rub the borders of your scars into your skin with it.

Paint your scars with red color. Use bright color of blood to cover your cuts with it. Then, mix blue and red colors together and apply it on the middle of your wounds which will make them visually deeper.

The last step is splashing “blood” on your face. Pour some amount on your cuts and wounds in order to let it flow down in a free manner. If there is some places where wax is still visible, pour some artificial blood on the as well. Do not forget to splash some drops on your clothes. When the image is created, you have just to moan and grimace with pain to produce more vivid and scaring effect.

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